Sloshing Monitoring system

Non-intrusive monitoring of sloshing loads can be achieved by measuring the stress in the steel structures that support the containment system in LNG carriers or directly on the tank wall. Large LNG carriers that transport cooled natural gas can occasionally experience sloshing of the liquid inside the cargo tanks. The liquid motion can potentially exsert high pressures against the tank lining that in the worst case could compromise the containment system.

For LNG carriers it is important to measure liquid sloshing forces to avoid damage to internal insulation systems. SENSFIB Sloshing™ provides information and data on the occurrence and severity of sloshing. The system can be configured with a different number of sensors depending on the required information level.

SENSFIB Sloshing™ combines sloshing impact data with operational data from a range of onboard data sources (navigation system, loading computer, propulsion system etc). With SENSFIB™ Sloshing you can monitor cargo motion and make the best operational decisions based on the risks to tank integrity. The system represents a large improvement in real time risk assessment on LNG carriers, as the system is based on direct measurements on the tanks and not a simulation model.

SENSFIB Sloshing™ is the world’s leading technology on sloshing monitoring. Our advanced fiber optic technology is approved by all the major classification societies. SENSFIB Sloshing™ is available as standalone or as supplement to the SENSFIB Hull™.

SENSFIB Sloshing™ can also be customized with a prediction system.