Hull Stress Monitoring system

Safe and cost-effective operation of a vessel requires exact knowledge of the ship's design and awareness of the operational risks and their consequences. One of the challenges involved has been the lack of information to the bridge about the actual load on the hull. Historically this has been resolved relying on navigators' judgment and experience, but with Light Structures' technology, it is possible to get live data via the SENSFIB Hull™ Hull Stress Monitoring solution. By monitoring the stress responses in the hull structure during operations, we can provide the navigators with online information about the load margins and provide support for the decision-making.

The same data can be post-processed to give valuable input to maintenance planning and fleet utilization. Light Structures delivers a range of different monitoring configurations. Entry-level systems monitor hull girder loading with four to six sensors placed on the longitudinals. More comprehensive solutions include slamming detection and fatigue monitoring with dedicated sensors in the waterlines. For advanced hulls such as high-speed ferries and naval vessels, we offer tailor-made solutions with a virtually unlimited number of stress sensors. SENSFIB offers a complete suite of hull condition monitoring and decision support functions. All sectors of the shipping industry, offshore, navy and wind energy benefit from the guidance of the monitoring system. Current SENSFIB system installations include navy and coast guard vessels, large container and RoRo vessels, bulk carriers, shuttle tankers, FPSO's, VLCCs, LNGCs and floaters in the offshore segment.

SENSFIB Global - Basic Hull Stress Monitoring

SENSFIB Global is our basic HSM solution and corresponds to the most common class notations for monitoring global loads (girder stress). As a pioneer within FBG technology, and a long-standing relationship with major class societies developing our unique concepts makes us a preferred monitoring partner. With increased complexity in our markets, we are continuously developing competence and technology to maintain our leading position. We deliver systems according to DNV GL HMON, ABS HM, BV MONHULL, ClassNK and LR hull monitoring rules and are recognized by all world leading class societies such as: Software for onshore viewing of recorded data is available.

SENSFIB Plus - Advanced Hull Stress Monitoring

SENSFIB Plus is our more comprehensive monitoring solutionfor owners that want more than the basic girder stress and slamming information provided by SENSFIB Global.
ADDED FUNCTIONALITY Examples of additional functionality that can be added to the SENSFIB Plus system includes:
  • Side shell fatigue monitoring with additional sensors in the waterline(s) amidships
  • Slamming and ice response monitoring with additional sensors in the waterline in the bow
  • Sloshing load monitoring on tank walls (for membrane type LNG-tankers)
  • Design-specific sensors on innovative vessels
  • Extended interfacing to other systems onboard and additional software modules for decision support
  • Note that some configurations could require additional PCs and junction boxes.