Light Structures expands / expandiert

Light Structures expands / expandiert

(ENG) November 2021, Light Structures AS (Oslo) is happy to inform that it expanded its worldwide presence by the foundation of Light Structures GmbH. The company's presence in Germany is part of our growth plan and will allow even closer contact to customers and business partners based in Central Europe. (DE) November 2021, Light Structures AS (Oslo) erweitert seine weltweite Präsenz und informiert über die Gründung der Light Structures GmbH. Der Standort in Deutschland ist ein wichtiger Teil des angestrebten Wachstums und erlaubt engere Geschäftsbeziehungen zu Kunden und Geschäftspartnern in Zentraleuropa. ...

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Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering (SHI-ME) selects state-of-the-art structural monitoring systems for two AFRAMAX tankers

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering (SHI-ME) selects state-of-the-art structural monitoring systems for two AFRAMAX tankers

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering (SHI-ME) selects state-of-the-art structural monitoring systems for two AFRAMAX tankers Unique fiber optic measurement technology specified for hull stress and fatigue early warning system, and long-term design verification Oslo, Norway: ...

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Precision fiber optic system to augment structural stress monitoring on World’s first ‘exposed’ fish farm

Precision fiber optic system to augment structural stress monitoring on World’s first ‘exposed’ fish farm

Ocean Farm 1 operator SalMar and technology partner DNV engage Light Structures to deliver precise data for decision support and long-term planning Oslo, Norway: Light Structures AS, the world leading supplier of fiber optic condition monitoring systems for maritime applications, and SalMar ASA have entered into an agreement for delivery of a Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG)-based structural monitoring system for installation on the unique Ocean Farm 1 aquaculture facility, located in open water near Frohavet on Norway’s west coast....

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New Service Engineer

With a fast growing number of upcoming installations, we have decided to hire a dedicated Service Engineer to free up time for our Project Engineers. Ole-Kristian Hatlen has been hired to fill this essential role. Ole-Kristian holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering (Electronics) and an additional bachelor in Medical Technology. His latest position prior to joining Light Structures were as a Service Engineer for Mobile Units in Vestre Viken HF, specializing in Electronics and automation. Prior to that he held the position of offshore Surveyor/ Survey Engineer in iSurvey, and as a Project Engineer in Netcontrol Group.

New Senior Controller

Light Structures, Oslo, welcomes Torgeir Maurizen as our new Senior Controller. Torgeir is brought in to strengthen the financial team. He has close to 30 years experience in finance, audits and accounting and will be a key employee and important member of our Management team as Light Structures continues to grow. Torgeir has previous experience as a Senior Advisor at Business Intelligent Partner AS and as CFO at Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS.

New hire at the Oslo Office: International Sales Manager

Light Structures,Oslo welcomes Anders Onsager as a new International Sales Manager. Anders is a bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), in Leadership & Nautics from The Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, and an MBA from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore focused on the shipping and offshore industry.

Anders holds an invaluable experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces where he served as a Commander, a Navigation officer and later as Project Manager. Furthermore, he has ample experience as a sales engineer in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and in Voith GmbH.

New hire at the Oslo Office: Project Engineer

Light Structures, Oslo has hired Amund Børsand as a new Project Engineer. Amund has a degree in Information Technology from the University of Oslo. 

Prior to joining our team, he worked in National Oilwell Varco, as a Project Engineer and later as Software Engineer dealing with various automation and simulation programs. Lastly, he worked as a Project Engineer, in BS Teknikk AS.

New contract with US Coast Guard

Light Structures is pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with United States Coast Guard, for delivery of Hull Stress Monitoring System to their Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutters. The contract includes a base year, 2019, with 3 vessels (Hull 1132-1134) and 3 option years with 15 additional vessels (Hull 1135-1149).

The 154-foot FRC is designed to patrol coastal regions and features advanced command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment; the ability to launch and recover standardized cutter boats from astern or via side davits; and improved seakeeping and habitability.

Light Structures is pleased to get the opportunity to continue the cooperation with the United States Coast Guard on the FRC cutters and is committed to work closely with them to reach their goals and expectations for this new award. (Photo US Homeland Security).

Terje Sannerud returns in a new role

Former VP Sales, Terje Sannerud, has decided to join the Light Structures team again. He rejoins us in the new role as Director of Development.
Terje will be responsible for market and product development. Terje holds degrees in engineering, economics and management.
He joins our team in Oslo from SIDE-POWER by Sleipner Motor, where he served as Vice President Global Sales Commercial. His experience and the network he gained while he was a VP Sales at Light Structures will be invaluable in his new role.

New market for SENSFIB- sensors

(Photo Statens Vegvesen)

We are pleased to announce that we have installed a hull Stress Monitoring system based on LS SENSFIB technology on Osstrupen bridge. Osstrupen Bridge is a 198 meter long cantilever bridge in Florø in the beautiful county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

The core technology is based on a patented fiber optic sensing technique, developed by Light Structure's employees for maritime / military use, originally developed for hull and structural measurement on ships. Applications gradually extended to offshore structures (platforms / rigs and floating contractions) and now to bridges!

New contract with ARES for Royal Oman Police

Light Structures have received and signed a purchase order from ARES Shipyard, for delivery of Hull Stress Monitoring System for 14 coast guard patrol boats (Type Hercules 85) for the Royal Oman Police CoastGuard.
Type Hercules 85 will have Offshore and Littoral Waters Law-Enforcement, Open Sea Rescue Operations and Naval Duties:

  • Coast Guard Duties, Offshore Patrolling and Escort,
  • Search and Rescue, Anti-smuggling Operations,
  • Anti-Terrorist Protection of Offshore and Coastal Installations and Critical Infrastructure,
  • Surveillance and Covert Surveillance,
  • Border Patrol, Anti-Human Trafficking, Customs Duties

Director of Operations, Oslo and Miami

Jan Kantas has been hired as a Director of Operations in Oslo and at our newly established office in Miami. He studied in the University of Massachusetts, USA where he got his Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Jan has 20 years’ experience in several Electrical Engineering sectors and has managed factory production and maintenance, and big projects in large multinational companies like National Oilwell Varco and Coca Cola. He has an in-depth automation knowledge, especially PLC and Scada, and is experienced in project management and installation.

New contract with Powergen/US Navy Military Sealift Command

Light Structures have received a purchase order from Powergen Controls, for the US Navy Military Sealift Command Spearhead project, for delivery of a Hull Stress Monitoring System.
USNS Spearhead is the first Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport to be operated by the Military Sealift Command. USNS Spearhead was christened on 17 September – 2011.
Spearhead is 103 meters long and 28.5 meters in beam, and has a draft of 3.83 meters. She has space for 41 crewmembers, sleeping accommodations for up to 150 people and an additional 312 seats for troop transport.

New CEO at Light Structures AS

The Board of Directors announces that Inge C Paulsen has decided to end his role as CEO at Light Structures. Niklas Hallgren, COO of Light Structures, will succeed Inge in his role as CEO and has already assumed his new responsibilities

Light Structures places Top 10 on Deloittes Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Norway

Light Structures has placed number 10 on the list of Deloittes fastest growing technology companies in Norway.

For consideration in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 in Norway, a company must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be a technology company defined as one that:
Develops or owns proprietary technology that contributes to a significant portion of the company's operating revenues; or Manufactures a technology-related product; or Devotes a high percentage of effort to research and development of technology
2. Have base-year operating revenues of at least €50,000 and a current year operating revenues of at least €800,000
3. Be in business a minimum of 5 years
4. Be headquartered within Norway.
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