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    Active fatigue management
    Fiber Optic technology
    Improved fleet utilization
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    Fiber optic technology
    Extended hull lifecycle
    - reporting on global and local stress
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    Approved by all leading classification societies
    Real time risk assessment
    Reduces risks and saves cost

Light Structures  – Fiber Optic Condition Monitoring Systems for Shipping, Oil & Gas Industries

Light Structures is the world leading supplier of fiber optic condition monitoring systems based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG). Fiber optic systems offer excellent reliability and unique data quality compared to conventional technology. Our patented SENSFIB product range includes Hull Stress Monitoring, Ice Load Monitoring, Sloshing Monitoring, FPSO Monitoring with our customized HullInfo software.  In addition to operational data, our systems provide data for Active Fatigue Management reports.

The core SENSFIB system can give the crew and operator/manager real time vital information about the hull/containment system/structure. 


By monitoring the stress responses in the hull structure during operations, the navigator is provided with online data about the load margins. SENSFIB™ Hull benefits tankes, LNG and bulk carriers, container ships, and other vessels. SENSFIB™ Ice is tailored to vessles operating in arctic waters. 

Oil and gas

With SENSFIB™ Sloshing you can monitor cargo motion in LNG vessels and make the best operational descisions based on the risks to tank intergrety.
SENSFIB™ Mooring tension will allow you to monitor the forces indused to your structure by the environmental factors.


Safe and cost effective operations of a vessel demands exact knowledge of the ship's design and awareness. SENSFIB™ Navy is especially suited for high speed vessels, catamarans and composite hulls. The system reduces the risk of accumulatiing damage during non-critical operations.