Ice Load (Response) Monitoring system

The challenges of operating in ice-infested waters affect more, more vessels as Arctic shipping routes are opening, and offshore oil and gas related activities in the Arctic continue to increase. Financially it is essential to be able to operate and utilize the vessel all year around. However ice loads exceeding the design load is a major risk for the hull and may cause permanent damage to the hull and interrupt operation. SENSFIB Ice Load Monitoring system measures the actual load on the hull and displays the utilization factor of the hull structure before yield (permanent damage). The system features a bridge display for presenting actual loads in real time, contributing to more safe and effective operation helping the navigator making informed decisions.

SENSFIB Ice™ derived from a DNV project in 2007 and is the world’s leading technology on ice load monitoring. Our advanced fiber optic technology is approved by all the major classification societies and is a vital tool for the increasing number of navigators without former arctic experience who will operate these vessels in the future. SENSFIB Ice™ can easily be retrofitted and the return on investment is attractive as the vessel can both be better utilized and the maintainance costs are kept down.